Nanogap fabrication

Light-matter interaction at the nanoscale is one of the most focused research areas in our group. In this regard, nanofabrication becomes a vital component of our laboratory. A novel fabrication technique called “Atomic Layer Lithography (ALD)” was developed, which combines lithography with atomic layer deposition of alumina to create nanogap with an unprecedented width resolution towards ~1 nm. We could have also developed a technique to fabricate samples with sub-nm width (~3 Å) by using graphene as a spacer (van-der Waals gap).

We are also developing samples with the ability to control the gap-width actively from quantum to classical scale by using external stimuli such as strain, electrically, temperature. We developed “Zero-Nanometer-Gap (zero-gap)” technology and “Closable-Gap” which enables us to control the gap width on an unprecedented scale from quantum to nano to classical gap and vice versa.


Atomic layer lithography

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Zero-nanometer gap technology

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