Research subject

We aim to extend the device footprint of nanogaps from the tip-based 1 nm^2 to the wafer-scale of 1 cm by 1 nm, to provide a viable platform for the real-world application of nanotechnologies. By using a flexible substrate, we aim to vary nanogap width through mechanical control. Strong light-matter interaction modification is expected to occur when we change the gap width in real time on the nanometer scale.

We want to calibrate nano-scale gap change with millimeter scale control movement, for the purpose of directly connecting the atom scale world to the macroscopic world. Through the change of the microscopically small gap structure by the optimized mechanical control, we ultimately aim to realize an active device using the flexible nanogap, such as a molecular sensor, a light shielding and modulation device.

It is expected that the studies about the flexible nanogap/zerogap using a PET substrate can provide a viable platform for the commercial application of nanotechnology. The flexible nanogap active device can be directly applied to the industrial fields as well as the fundamental studies such as low-dimensional materials, bio molecules, next generation transistors, hydrogen energies, secondary batteries, 6G communications, etc. Additionally, the flexible nanogap active device can be manufactured in the actual industry by using an improved fabrication from the atomic layer lithography, which is the basic method of the nanogap fabrication, which is expected to lead to its commercialization and mass production beyond the academic realm.

Group leader (Dai-Sik Kim)

- Distinguished Professor, UNIST, 2019~
- Member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST)
- Google scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=bQxexEAAAAAJ&hl=en
- h-index: 61, total citations: over 11,000, research articles: over 240
- Supervision of students: 33 of Ph. D., 18 of M.S, out of whom 19 became professors.
- With diverse experiences in spectroscopy and materials, combined with wafer-length tunable nano and Angstrom gap technologies, I aim to make something out of the wafer-length ‘gaptronics’ that I founded.

Who we are

- 15 Researchers (2 Research professors + 2 postdoctoral fellows + 10 graduate students + 1 internship) with 2 Staffs

- Diverse cultural/regional/academic backgrounds and Respect each individual's diverse lifestyles

- Full support for equipment/research finance/administrative works so that researchers can focus only on ‘research’

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